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For true fans, what matters most to Tony is also what matters most to us.At the heart of this were James Gandolfini and Edie Falco, two actors playing a married couple who were at once deeply in love and disintegrating over the usual things: money, secrets and – above all – infidelity.The Truth: Turns out Paola is actually Loyda, and Ramon KNEW it—Loyda had Skyped with him and showed him her license, but Ramon "didn't want to believe it." And then, Loyda revealed she used the money Ramon sent her to buy herself an and told everyone Ramon had proposed. Joe & Kari Ann What He Thought: Joe thought he was dating a former Miss Teen USA (eye roll).The Truth: Max and Nev discover that Joe and Kari Ann share a mutual friend, Rose, who tells them that Kari Ann is real.(So much so that they included a little Easter egg in the video: "Hover over the counter in PSY's video," the blog post advises, "to see a little math magic.") You Tube has now upgraded to a 64-bit integer—meaning that the maximum views a video can receive is now a whopping 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. It’s that time of year when season finales start creeping up on us and we must part with our favorite casts for a few months.In 'Whitecaps', the episode that won Gandolfini and Falco an Emmy a piece, Tony and Carmela go at it in a way only long-married couples can, hurling every spiteful thought and horrible home truth they can muster at each other like so many pots and pans.

And there’s a chance you stopped watching when they started introducing “fresh meat” participants. I’ve been through their drama, fights, hookups, breakups and makeups.

So imagine Joe and the team's surprise when they go to meet Kari Ann—and Rose pops out.

Turns out Rose has an addiction to fake profiles and a heart as cold as ice.

Competitors have gone up against exes and enemies and former roommates.

During the two-minute video, called ‘Who’s Your Favourite?

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