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She will videotape you with fingers in the booty.'"Confused over Puffy's words and concerned about having his "name out there crazy like that," Xzibit claims he then went back inside to confront Superhead, only to learn that Combs "had some prior incidents with her that he doesn't want anyone to know about." Shortly thereafter, Puffy loaded his entourage, including Xzibit and Superhead, into a car for a silent and awkward drive to a club.

Upon arriving at the club, Combs left to "do his business" while Superhead and Xzibit went downstairs to get drinks.

Chance flashed various graphics on the screen to accompany his digs, and when it came to Dre’s label, the screen displayed a graphic that called the label “Can’t Do Math Entertainment”.Having begun his career in rap in the mid-‘90s, X (as he is affectionately known as by his fanbase) has ostensibly found more mainstream notoriety with his MTV television show Pimp My Ride and several appearances in major motion pictures and video games than with his music.A pity, considering the current state of hip-hop is mired neck-deep in overpowering drum machines and little else in the way of substance.Very happy to announce that I will be a series regular on the upcoming 3rd season of @empirefox.Thankful for the opportunity and excited to "bring it" with the rest of the stellar cast already in place.

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