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The Playboy cover model and reality star dishes about what really went on in the Playboy Mansion in her book, "Sliding Into Home." In this excerpt, she writes about her big break and how she caught Hugh Hefner’s eye.Chapter one: A tale of two Kendras“So you’ll be naked?

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"If I just put my head under water and take a deep breath in, it would all be over," she writes. ""Maybe it was the pot and the alcohol, but drowning myself seemed like the logical way to escape the ridiculous life I was leading."For anyone who tuned into Holly said that Hugh, now 89, cultivated a hostile environment in which the women were pitted against each other.Holly is now happily married with a two-year-old daughter, Rainbow, who she hopes will someday read her book."I want her to understand why I made the choices I made," Madison told Us.Cooper Hefner, 21, is the son of Playboy founder Hugh and 1989 Playmate Of The Year Kimberley Conrad. My dad bought the house next to Playboy Mansion for my mom, who used to be a model. I had the opportunity to interact with people of all ages from all walks of life, which has given me the ability to get on with anyone.” “Well, I’ll be painted,” I corrected Zack, my live-in boyfriend. ” “I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be fine.” I wasn’t sure spending an evening as a painted girl at Hugh Hefner’s seventy-eighth birthday party would actually be fine, but I was hoping it would turn out to be. ” “This is Hugh Hefner.” “Yeah, right,” I said, thinking it was a prank call. “I look forward to seeing you at my birthday,” he said.At the very least, I would make a couple hundred dollars, meet some cool people, and get a chance to check out the Playboy Mansion. And besides, it was Zack who had initiated the whole thing. “Also, I’d like you to consider being my girlfriend.” Still dripping wet from the shower, I stood there in shock. After all, I had just told Hugh Hefner to shut the f--- up. I brushed off the girlfriend thing, since I had no idea what that even meant.

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