Nicholas hoult dating victoria justice

by Nolan Gerard Funk, Tammin Sursok, Victoria Justice & Simon Curtis. 2005 drama thriller film, Mary for her role as Stella. Current age: 26 Career at 20: Nicholas starred in A Single Man, the critically acclaimed film by fashion designer Tom Ford.Teen star Victoria Justice has denied reports she's dating Nicholas Hoult, insisting a long-distance relationship with the British actor would be "impossible".

Auditioning for X-Men: First Class: Hoult was in Australia…

(Getty Images)more pics star Victoria Justice is a hot up-and-coming star, and everyone wants to know who she's dating. The 18-year-old has never confirmed a relationship since she's been in the spotlight!

But, of course, that hasn't stopped people from talking and rumors from running wild.

But Justice is adamant the 20-year-old Brit is not her boyfriend - because she wouldn't be able to stand being separated if they did date. He's a great guy and so talented and deserves everything, but even to maintain a friendship with someone who lives on another continent...

It's kind of impossible." Justice has also dismissed speculation about a budding relationship with hunky "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner, adding: "We were closer friends when I was younger, and then we both got kind of busy.

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