Javascript validating username and password with database

For most of these activities the user typically needs to register and then log in to the Web site.

These basic features require special care; they need to be simple, fast and secure for the user.

Since the beginning of the WWW, the developers try to equip their Web sites with new features and widgets to attract the users' attention and make the life much easier for them by applying the latest technologies.

Nowadays, an average Web user, among other activities, shops, searches for information, registers to forums and communities, plays online games and communicates with the other users on the Internet.

The first thing to do is create a user table in the database.

The main thing to note here is that the password should never be stored in the database and it should not be recoverable.

My question is focused on the validation of a simple text field. The user enters an ID in a question of simple text field. The ID entered by the user is looked up in a table in a database-not limesurvey 3.

Please notice that we must compare the value for the password from the database with the MD5 encrypted value of the password entered by the user.

If the query returns a result, we set an “authorized” session variable, and then redirect to the protected content.

i want to avoid users getting behind this section without a correct answer... and it is necessary to store the existing ID input in thelimesurvey database. I don't understand why you are including j Query and creating a new form.

The Lime Survey screen/group is already a form and j Query is also already included.

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