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These suspicious transactions will go into a blacklist.

If we find that those tickets have been put up for resale, then the barcode will be disabled," she told on Wednesday.

This means that those who bought tickets from illegal resellers may also face problems attending the event.Event organisers PR Worldwide director Anita Baskaran explained that tickets of genuine buyers will not be affected, and only those proven to have been re-sold will be cancelled."We have investigated every transaction and found some suspicious ones.Remember that the legal question here -- can a president attach strings and conditions to federally allocated money for cities and states? What that means is that the average person won't engage with the Constitutional questions it raises but rather see it through their own partisan lens.For Republicans, that's that a liberal court on the liberal west coast is trying to say it's okay for cities to break the law by not reporting undocumented immigrants in their communities.

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