Greg james dj dating

“I can’t really afford to get wasted all the time, to be honest,” she said.“I like to drink and I have smoked, and I like to have fun, but I’m so scared of losing my voice because it’s my everything. The 23-year-old singer is said to have started a relationship with the cheeky radio presenter two months ago after meeting him at the station.The pairing marks the first relationship for Ellie since splitting from a mystery man known only as 'Matthew', who she dated for two years. But after being introduced to Greg by a mutual friend she had a change of heart.

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Greg and Ellie were head over hills in the year 2010 at one of Ellie's early live shows but their relationship lasted just 18 months.Both of his parents are now retired, but his father, Alan, was a headmaster and his mother, Rosemary, a special needs teacher.He and his sister, Catherine, who works in recruitment at Deutsche Bank, recently took over their parents' mortgage - one of the few ambitions he had when he became financially secure.4.Apparently he is in the small category of celebrities that you could safely introduce to your parents.6. He's not rumored being in a relationship with anyone.

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