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Being a hard worker is a good thing, but sometimes that valuable quality has an evil twin -- and its name is Workaholic.

When you start giving up sleep and food for more meetings and projects, it’s been proven that your productivity and sometimes even your health can start to slip.

I'm 31, hetero, and have been in one longterm relationship before, plus a dozen of encounters/short relationships. We smoke weed from time to time, we've engaged in a threesome, we're quite peaceful, open minded, enjoy philosophical/sofisticated/intellectual discussions as well as parties and acting like kids. Add to that the ERE part of our life; we barter, make home made stuff, love free stuff. A few friends know all of this, others know parts of it.

I guess people have a certain image of how hippies are/were and eventually put us in the same categori once they know us well enough.

Whether it’s ordering drinks before he or she arrives at the restaurant or finding the best seats in the movie theater, showing up before the agreed upon time and having a few surprises ready shows you really care about having a good date night.

In terms of staying late, every now and then take five minutes to stay in bed a little longer and cuddle before running off to the gym or to meet your friends. Related: 3 Things You Can Do to Get the Best ROI From Your Relationship Eating lunch at your desk while you finish that next assignment might not be the best idea (you actually don’t get as much work done, you’re more stressed, etc.), but it is a good concept to use in your relationship.

He told me that he has been in relationships that lasted years but that those relationships were not as serious as ours.

She's bisexual, but leans more to the hetero side of things. She's 27 and has been through many relationships compared to me, a couple of them longterm.I saw the flashing neon signs in front of my face the past seven months but I overlooked them because I liked him so much and didn’t want to raise too many issues and come off being a nag.And, I was hoping that over time he would get more comfortable with the relationship and open up more with me as time passed.I am dating a man who has the body of a middle-aged man with the brain and emotional maturity level of a teenager. He is immature, irresponsible, insecure, he lacks ambition, direction and motivation, and he actively avoids all of those things.At times, he can be incredibly inconsiderate and he is totally unaware of it.

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