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Tapping on other will let the user Exchange, Copy, Delete,or see how to use the DSi Camera.With the Nintendo Dsi Camera,you can take photos with eleven different lenses,watch slideshows of your photos,and exchange photos with other Nintendo DSi. Lens was removed in the 3DS however because it got video recording instead.One of the many reasons than lens has been added is to make up for the bad resolution camera. The user can apply a variety of stickers to thier photos to help organize them. The user can also change the settings: Order, Display,and Music.Satō originally named the film Poaching By The Water, but Shintōhō Eiga, the distributing company, chose to promote the scenes of bestiality in advertising, and gave it the more specific title Horse and Woman and Dog.In his Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema, Jasper Sharp singles out the opening scene of Horse and Woman and Dog as an example of Satō's technique for placing the audience at an uncomfortable position as viewers of his films.

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